• Pure Powder Coffee

    Pure Powder Coffee

    Van Anh Duong LT specializes in the pure powder coffee with the high quality materials coming from central highlands of Viet Nam.

    Benefits of powder coffee

    Unlike green tea and cacao, coffee have many time higher of antioxidants. Over 1000 antioxidants are present in coffee without processed. It also creates more than 100 other agents after processed properly.

    In addition, when we drink coffee in the right way, it prevent cognitive impairment in terms of Alzheimer and memory disorder diseases. Individuals drinking average from 1 to 2 cup of coffee a day can decrease in 20 percent the risk of heart diseases compared to others who don’t or drink a little.

    According to scientists, coffee helps reduce the risk of diabetes due to the fact that some chemicals in coffee help use insulin effectively and regulate its production, preventing the type 2 diabetes. Thus, the coffee drinkers are lower risk of mortality, 20% in decrease in male and 26% in female.

    Speaking of pure coffee, without coloring, the simple roasting, grinding and making of coffee is so important in attempt to produce a good kind of powder coffee. Also, to extract health – good chemicals from coffee, its fineness is another important factor.

    Coming to Van Anh Duong LTD, you fully assured because of our pure powder coffee, roasted properly and identically fine enough grinded to hold full beneficial chemicals related to taste and nutrition.

    Aiming at enhancing users’ health, our powder coffees come from truth and clear sources and undergo many steps of test for food quality before handing to market

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    Address: 100/474 Thich Quang Duc Street, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

    Hotline: (84-8) 7306 56560909 345656

    Email: VAD@vananhduong.com.vn

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