• Plastic bags with handles

    Plastic bags with handles

    Van Anh Duong LTD is always a reliable address in manufacturing and supplying various Plastic bags with handles on market today.

    Common applications of plastic bags with handles

    The plastic bags are used anywhere in daily activities and in industries. They keep products inside to maintain the quality of food in the good condition, so the products are not seeped out or lost for transportation.

    Many types of nylon bags made from HDPE, LDPE, FE, OPP and so forth feature different functions. Generally, the plastic bag with handles form HDPE is used wildly since it has diverse qualities, models and colors.  The handle bags are transparent, opaque, blue, red and yellow. They also have different durability, softness, hardness and weight-bearing. The price of products varies in their quality, but all our products have a high standard quality.

    For these reasons, the bags with handles are used for following goals

    • In the traditional markets and supermarket, the handle bags are used to hold food and other goods.
    • In agriculture, the bags with handles are used by farmers to contain agricultural products before storing, transporting and selling.

    Common handle bags on market.

    • Plastic bags with handles
    • Plastic bags with frosted handles
    • Plastic bags with punch hole handles

    Van Anh Duong supplies all the above bags with suitable price

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