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    Zipper Bag

    Zipper Bag

    Van Anh Duong LTD is the reliable address in the packaging industry because we specializes in manufacturing and supplying the zipper bags with high standard and suitable price on market

    Applications of zipper bags

    The zipper bags made from Low Density Polyethylene are capable of chemical stability and acid resistance, and erosion resistance. In the room temperature, the Zipper bag is odorless, non-toxic and it is capable of heat resistance around 100 degree Celsius. Moreover, it is stable in many normal solvents and is the high electrical insulation.

    The combination of flexibility and excellent lasting, hardly tearing and zipper blocking make it possibly become popular in daily lives.

    In fact, when the zipper is blocked, everything inside are in secure, preventing the air out, wet and seeping.

    In the food industry, the zipper bags are used to store food such as powder, sugar, and candy and prevent nuts, beans, rice like coffee bean, cashew and so on from mold, worms and termites. They also are used in fresh vegetable and fruit packaging before preserving them in the refrigerator. The zipper bags are used to package spare parts and components in transportation and repair in other industries. All in all, the zipper bags have many uses because of their benefits:

    • It is easy for people to print letters and decorations on the zipper bag surface so it is a good choice for brand building.
    • Using the zipper bag is so easily and convenient because of if light weight but its capability of protection is not inferior to other bags.
    • Thanks to the zipper bags, people could save a lot of money for packaging.

    Common zipper bags on market

    • The zipper standing up transparent bag with printed or not.
    • The standard zipper bag

    There are also different combining either one side printed or whole transparent zipper bags.


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