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    LDPE bag

    LDPE bag

    Van Anh Duong LTD specializes in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of plastic LDPE with high security standards and suitable price on market.

    Applications of LDPE bags in daily lives and industry

    LDPE term stands for Low Density Polyethylene plastic and the LDPE plastic bead is to produce many LDPE products using in daily lives and industries. Moreover, LDPE bags are transparent, soft and smoothy and have the mechanical duration. In comparision with HDPE bags, LDPE ones have better above qualities.

    Besides, LDPE bags possess the stable chemical abilities; acid resistance, limited oxidation process, erosion – resistance and perfecting water resistance.  In the room temperature, the LDPE bags are ordorless, non-toxic, and capable of heating and electric insulation. Thus, the LDPE bags are used wildely in daily lives and industries.

    • LDPE are usually used for storing food, cereals, fresh vegetables since they could prevent mold, termites, worms and so on.
    • LDPE bags are used in many manufacturing activities for storing and categorizing devices
    • LDPE bags are used in garment industry for clothe, drap, and net packaging.
    • LDPE bags are used for brand marketing by printing decorations and brandnames on the surface of bags.

    Common LDPE bags on market.

    • LDPE single layer bags
    • LDPE double payer bags
    • LDPE trible layer bags

    Van Anh Duong company specilizes in LDPE bags so we have many foundations and as a result LDPE bags from our company are always rated highly.

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