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    The degradable bags

    The degradable bags

    Van Anh Duong LTD, a reliable address in the packaging industry, specializes in manufacturing and supplying the OPP bags with high standard and suitable price on market.

    Benefits of degradable bags

    As the matter of fact, using nylon bags has negative effect on environment because nylon bags in soils prevent oxygen into that soils, because the soils cannot hold nutrition, water and cause erosion. As a result, water environment and soils are polluted and human health is seriously threatened.

    In such serious cases, the degradable bags come into life in attempt to improve our environment as well as meet human needs.

    Thought the degradable bags are produced from safety materials, broken down easily in environment, they are the force bearing, heat resistant, with the smooth surface. They bring many benefits below

    • Protect health when the bags are produced from good materials with high required standard
    • Save expense because of reuse

    Common degradable bags on market.

    There are 3 types of the degradable bags

    • Bags from cellulose can break down easily
    • Mechanical degradable bags by decaying plastic technology
    • Biodegradable bags from organic sources such as cornstarch and wheat flour.

    All degradable bags are imported from high reputation company and supplied by Van Anh Duong LTD. All materials to produce the bags are tested carefully with all required standards related to environment as well as safety for users before the production is processed.

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