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    PP bags

    PP bags

    Van Anh Duong LTD is always a reliable address in manufacturing and supplying various PP package on market today.

    Applications of the PA bags

    The PA bag is produced from the plastic polypropylene microbeads. PP bags are different from PE in terms of characteristics and functions. Moreover, PP bags do not contain toxic substances, and are odorless, tasteless. The stability of PP bags in nature is shorter than that of PE ones, so they are easily decomposed and thus are used wildly today.

    Being originated from the polypropylene, PP bags have the high mechanical durability. This leads PP bags to a little bit harder and more stable than PE bags. They also are highly degradable and cannot be stretched out because of its fibrous structure.

    PP bags are optical transparent and thus they are used for packaging dried food such as candy, cosmetic and clothe, since such products look so beautiful and attractive. Furthermore, the PP bag’s surface is so bright that it is convenient to print letters sharply on the surface. What is more, PP bags are resistant to temperature up to above 100 degree Celsius as well as resistant to water, and prevent incoming air.

    For these reasons, PP bags are used wildly in packaging industry with various types of packaging for nut and bean, cereal, food, fertilizer, powder, sugar, salt, and chemicals in the bean form.

    Prominent Advantages

    • Long time presence in outdoor with high UV light up to 6 months
    • Fast decay time makes PP be friendly environment.

    Common PP bags on market

    • PP standard bags
    • Transparent PP bags

    All PP bags from VAN ANH DUONG LTD are testes carefully with environmental standards so consumers will be assured when using our PP bags.

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