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    Shopping bags

    Shopping bags

    Van Anh Duong LTD is always a reliable address in manufacturing and supplying various the shopping bags on market today.

    Application of the shopping bags

    The shopping bags are usually produced from nylon (LDPE and HDPE). With LDPE and HDPE materials, the shopping bags have a bright and white color so that ornaments printed on their surface look attractive, beautiful and eye catching. They have many advantages in terms of space saving and reuse. The shopping bags are also highly aesthetical thanks to the combination of primary plastic beads and auxiliary materials could produce better bags compared to others. Thus, the shopping nylon bags are used widely.

    Companies and shops always use the shopping bags with logos and slogan to store their products and deliver them to their customers as a way building their brand names and marketing their products.

    Moreover, speaking of quality and prosperity, the shopping bags with brand name are the essential ways to communicate messages about companies because customers surely have a better felling with companies who have products packaged in a beautiful shopping bags and eventually will remember the company names thanks to such eye-catching bags.

    Common shopping bags on market.

    • The shopping bags made of LDPE or HDPE
    • The nonwoven bags
    • The paper bags

    Companies choose differently designs, sizes, and materials of the shopping bags according to the size and weight of their products. All the products produced carefully by Van Anh Duong with many new designs so we will bring as much imaginable as possible to our customers.

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