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    Biodegradable starch based bags

    Biodegradable starch based bags

    Van Anh Duong LTD is always a reliable address in manufacturing and supplying various biodegradable starch based bags on market today.

    Application of the Biodegradable starch based bags

    Speaking of statistics, 150,000 tons among 200,000 tons of waste, are nylon and plastic packages wasted out in the Ho Chi Minh City annually. The majority of such trash is buried, causing environment pollution and is wasteful of natural resources such as land seriously since they are present in environment so great deal of time.

    In the sad reality, scientists have conducted researches in attempt to produce a sort of polymer from the organic source and the biodegradable starch-based bag come into market in the circumstance. The right proportional mixture of polymer and glycerol and some additives create the biodegradable starch based bags in a manner like the normal nylon process.

    In spites of being produced mainly from starch, the biodegradable starch-based bag is so flexible and endurable. It can hold a heavy weight and more importantly, it can be easily quickly degradable. After 60 days buried, it can be broke down totally. Thus, using the biodegradable starch-based bags brings many benefits to customers and environment.

    • With natural origin, the biodegradable starch-based bag is odorless and non-toxic so that it is supposed to use in food packages.
    • The biodegradable starch-based bag also is friendly environmental and have a short course of time of degradation
    • The biodegradable starch-based bag is possible for reuse and thus very economic.

    Common biodegradable starch-based bags on market.

    • The biodegradable starch-based bags without handle
    • The biodegradable starch-based bags with handles
    • The biodegradable starch-based bag roll

    Van Anh Duong known as one of a few companies in Ho Chi Minh City, supplying the biodegradable starch based bags with high quality. All materials in our producing process are tested carefully with the right environmental standards for ensuring users’ health.

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