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    OPP bag

    OPP bag

    Van Anh Duong LTD is the reliable address in the packaging indutry, specilizing in manufacturing and supplying the OPP bags with high standard and suitable price on market

    Appplications of OPP bags

    OPP term stands for Oriented Polypropylene, one of the produce of plastic of the PP, so bags mafe from OPP are chemically and physically stable. In addion, OPP membrance is transparent, and many time harder than the PE. It surface is polish, and hinghly scratch-resistant. It is waterproof and gas impermeable. Therefore, the OPP bags have many applications in manufacture and daily lives such as packaging cereals, candies, and fried meals.

    Moreover, in the field of apparel, OPP bags appears wildely. Manufacturers usually use OPP bags with glue stick to package clothes, drap, pillow, curtain and so forth. In the health care, OPP bags are used mainly for packaging drugs, herbals, and medical instruments. In the printing industry, OPP bags also are used commonly due to its excellent printing qualities. In conclusion, OPP bags generally are applied versatilely when many benefits come from such bags.

    OPP membrance is plexible, hard and thus stable in use so that users could use a bags many times.

    OPP bags are transparent, smooth, shine, rarely scratched and in fixed form, so people can use bags for the showing pieces storage, helping increase aesthetically and economically.

    OPP bags are used as ways to market brandname thanks to their easily printed features with high resolution.

    OPP bags, with the water-resistant characteristic, become a type of package for protecting the inside product from pathogens and other harmful agents

    Common OPP bags on market.

    OPP bags with header

    OPP self-adhesive bags

    All OPP products we supply are at excellent quality.


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