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    HD plastic roll in supermaket use

    HD plastic roll in supermarket use

    Van Anh Duong LTD is the reliable address in the packaging industry because we have specializing in manufacturing and supplying the HD plastic rolls usually using in supermarket with high standard and suitable.

    Applications of HD plastic rolls

    Today, the nylon bag becomes crucial in family lives. It is used in food packaging. In the past, bamboo baskets were used to hold agricultural products, but today, people use nylon bags in the same areas.

    There are various kinds of nylon bags that are designed specially with different appearance and durability such as T-shirt, zipper, LDPE, PP, OPP and HD for matching diverse customers’ needs.

    Among various nylon bags, the HD bag is a popular for food packaging in supermarkets and malls. In addition, the rolling HD bag is used to cover fresh food before preserving it in refrigerator in families.

    Unlike other kinds of nylon bags, the rolling HD bags are rolled into varying trolls according to different uses and such individual bags are so thin and flexible that they are so economic and versatile.

    The nylon HD bags are used enormously in supermarkets and malls for following reasons:

    • Cheap price
    • Convenient and durable usages
    • Precision for weighting products covered by HD bags
    • Space saving and logistics cost reduction

    Two commercial types on market

    • The rolling T-shirt HD bags
    • The rolling flat HD bags

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