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    PA Bags

    PA bags – vacuum bags

    Van Anh Duong LTD is always a realiable address in manufacturing and supplying various PA package on market today.

    Application of the PA bags

    The vacuum package has been seen as an effective method for keep food long lasting in the food industry because if its benefits.

    Because it requires high tech machines and modern equipment systems to implement the vacuum packaging, this method once was used only in the big manufacturers. However, recently with the development of new technology, vacuum packaging methods are using more popularly and as a result, PA bags, using in vacuum packaging method are using conveniently and effectively and versatilely.

    Thanks to using PA bags in vacuum packaging method, the quality of food are in good condition for a long time because the method decreases oxidation, prevent pathogens, humidity, musty and so on.

    • PA bags are used in the packaging of fresh meats, fishes, fruits and vegetables, which are 3 to 5 longer period of time than that of normal methods.
    • PA bags are used for preventing worms, termites and other microbes
    • PA bags are a good choice for adventure tourists to hold their things and cloth in good condition due to the fact that PA bags prevent dirty and save space.
    • PA bags are used in family for packaging draps, nets, pillows for along time without mold, humidity, unpleasant odors besides space savings.

    Common PA bags on market.

    • The vacuum Elmich packages
    • The vacuum Teknos packages
    • The vacuum Kitai packages

    All vacuum packages are produced technically, so the quality of all products is ensured.

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